Teen Bullies Upload Video Of Brutal Attack On Friend At Sleepover


A group of teenage girls savagely punched and kicked their “friend” during a booze-fuelled sleepover – and filmed the whole thing.

The video footage of the horrific incident is absolutely brutal, showing how the four girls beat the shit out of 14-year-old Naomi Johnson as another films it on their smartphone, without anyone ever stepping in to intervene and stop the assault.

As reported by The Daily Beast, the graphic 10 minute has emerged as part of a lawsuit filed by Johnson’s father against a mother who allegedly hosted the sleepover.

According to Wayne Johnson’s case, Deanna Kirgis was actually at the home in Anchorage, Alaska while her daughter and daughter’s friends allegedly carried out the attack on Naomi in the garage.

Not only did she fail to intervene, she also provided the underage girls with alcohol prior to the beating.

Wayne Johnson is suing Kirgis for £66,000 in damages – costs he claims the family have incurred paying more than £25,000 to date for Naomi’s medical bills following the attack, as well as the cost of pulling her out of school.

The Daily Beast

Naomi’s parents are now home-schooling their daughter after her school reportedly failed to suspend the girls following the attack (which admittedly didn’t happen on school property) or act even after one of the girls allegedly threatened to stab Naomi the next time she saw her.

Police have also been slow to react to the footage and the alleged attack, and have still yet to charge any of the attackers.

Kirgis denies the allegations against her but, what’s clear is, more needs to be done to deal with the young girls who allegedly carried out the vicious attack.