Teen Girl Cowardly Punches Boy With Down Syndrome


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You should refrain from punching people in life as much as possible. You should definitely refrain from punching disabled people. Seems like outright common sense and decency. 

According to the girl in the video below this young lad with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy was asking for it.

She seems to have no regard for his impairments in her “apology” and prefers to use the social media limelight to make excuses.

Anyhow, before getting to that excuse-ridden “apology” here’s the video:

It was initially shared on LiveLeak some hours ago.

The fella was clearly vulnerable and doesn’t appear to be hostile at all.

After people started questioning her actions she posted this:

punch2 blured

The video was also uploaded to vigilante justice FB page Most Wanted Lads with the hope that someone would recognise the girl.

“Since when is it ok to f*cking do this to a disable person or anyone in general, wtf is wrong with people these days, Ya all sick f*cking people who deserve to be jailed for life. This just makes me sick,” the page posted.

A picture was also shared.


After further exposure and a great number of people calling her out for a weak move she posted more of an “apology”.

punch3 blurred

It’s one of those apologies that sounds more like she’s sorry she got caught.