Teen Girl Reported To Police For Taking Snapchat In Class

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In one of the craziest teacher overreactions we’ve ever heard, a teenage schoolgirl could actually face charges after she was reported to the police for taking a snapchat in class.

Lauren Sloan, 13, took the photo during a lesson of her making the ‘peace’ sign behind her teacher’s back, along with the caption “Mutch hate”.

She thought it would be a funny picture to send to her friends, but Lauren actually found herself having to explain her behaviour to a police officer after the school reported the matter.

Deadline News

The day after she snapped the photo, Lauren was hauled out of French class by a senior member of staff at Lasswade High in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian after another pupil showed the Snapchat image to the teacher.

Speaking to the Mail Online, year-eight pupil Lauren said:

It was just a selfie on Snapchat. The teacher was crouched down talking to a pupil. It was just the back. I wrote ‘Much hate’ because I struggle in that class. People do it all the time, taking photos in class. I didn’t even know it was an offence.

The policeman said it was a serious offence and he couldn’t really talk to me there and he’d have to go to my house to talk to me. I was kind of scared as I thought it was really serious. I didn’t know what my mum might say. I just thought I was in the wrong.

Deadline News

Lauren’s mother Lindsey, 37, branded the school’s reaction “extreme” and has already vowed to speak to the council about the incident.

A spokeswoman for Midlothian Council added:

While we cannot comment on individual incidents, schools in Midlothian work in partnership with Education IT colleagues and community police officers to educate and inform pupils about appropriate use of social media.

Maybe just confiscate the girl’s phone and move on next time, hey guys?