Teen Girl Shot By Boys Because ‘Her Snapchats Were Annoying’

AP/Rick Bowmer

Two teenage schoolboys are set to stand trial accused of shooting 14-year-old Deserae Turner in the face because they found her Snapchats ‘annoying’.

The boys, who are 16 years old, shot Deserae and left her to die in a ditch in Smithfield, USA.

She was found by two women who were part of a search party assembled to look for Deserae.


Deserae survived the shooting but now suffers partial blindness and paralysis after spending two months in hospital.

When she left the hospital she reportedly told her dad that she was “tougher than a bullet”.

The boys are set to be tried as adults in the state of Utah, with the judge saying that longer term imprisonment would mean more time to treat the two.

Our Family Statement:Through the blessings of our father in heaven Deserae is still with us and has made progress. We…

Posted by April Turner on Tuesday, 7 March 2017

One of the boys was allegedly annoyed that Deserae was texting him, and he and a friend concocted the plan to get rid of her.

A court heard that their original plan was to slit her throat and leave her to bleed out.

It is reported that one of the boys even kept a shell casing from the shooting as a memento.


Smithfield detective Brandon Muir testified in court that one of the boys had material on his phone linking to websites promising gore, a search history relating to famous serial killers, and footage of ISIS beheadings.

Their official charges are attempted aggravated murder, aggravated robbery and obstruction of justice.

Deserae remembers nothing of the incident.


The two face up to 15 years in jail.

One of the boy’s fathers said in court that when his son testified it was a “kick in the gut.”

The boy’s sister added: 

He was always the sweet one, he was kind and gentle. He always shared. I love my brother.

A classmate allegedly testified that one of the boys carried a knife, and had previously hurt animals, though another classmate said that these claims came from someone ‘known to exaggerate’.


Absolutely insane, it’s impossible to imagine what that little girl and all the families involved are going through now.

Hopefully justice will be served, although even that may prove little consolation for Deserae whose life will never be the same.