Teen Guilty Of Murdering Two Sisters Claimed He Made A Deal With The Devil To Win Lottery

by : Cameron Frew on : 07 Jul 2021 16:45
Teen Guilty Of Murder Claimed He Made A Deal With The Devil To Win LotteryMetropolitan Police/PA Images

A London teenager found guilty of two murders says they were part of a deal with the Devil in order to win the lottery. 

Danyal Hussein, 19, murdered sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, in a savage knife attack in Fryent Country Park, Wembley, on June 6 last year. Their bodies were found hidden away in bushes, close to where they’d been celebrating Henry’s birthday prior to their deaths.


The teen Satanist carried out the murders as part of a deadly pact, with hopes his reward would be winning the Mega Millions Super Jackpot, police said.

 Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman. (PA Images)PA Images

As reported by Reuters, Henry and Smallman’s deaths were so Hussein could meet his side of the ‘contract’ with the demon ‘Mighty King Lucifage Rofocale.’ It’s believed he signed the contract with his own blood, and promised to ‘perform a minimum of six sacrifices every six months for as long as [he was] free and physically capable.’

As per The Sun, the pact required him to ‘sacrifice only women’ and ‘build a temple’ for the demon, in return for winning the lottery and never being suspected of committing the crimes.


Detective Chief Inspector Simon Harding, who led the investigation into Hussein, said Henry and Smallman put up a ‘very brave fight’ against him.

Danyal Hussein's 'contract'. (PA Images)PA Images

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‘I am totally convinced and my team are that he would have gone on to commit more murders. It is difficult for any normal person to comprehend. It’s almost sort of movie like,’ he said, explaining how a hand injury may have been the only thing keeping him from further violence.

While it’s not exactly clear how Hussein became exposed to ‘Mighty King Lucifage Rofocale’, police believe he undergone some form of radicalisation prior to committing the murders. Described as a ‘very arrogant young man’ by Harding, he was previously referred to Britain’s counter-extremism programme in 2017, but later discharged with no concerns a year later.

Danyal Hussein. (PA Images)PA Images

Smallman’s mother Mina, a retired Church of England archdeacon, told reporters: ‘Today we remember our girls as the wonderful strong women they were. We hope that some good will come out of this horrible story.’

In a statement, she said losing her daughters was ‘enough to shake a person’s faith – fortunately it did not… no-one expects their children to die before them but to have two of your three children murdered overnight is just incomprehensible.’

‘If any good comes out of this at least another four women will not meet a similar end in a so-called pact with a so-called demon,’ Mina added.


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