Teen Hero Catches Toddler, 2, Who Fell Out Of Second Floor Window

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 27 Jun 2019 12:07
man catching toddler who fell from windowman catching toddler who fell from windowABC News

CCTV footage has emerged of the moment a passerby managed to catch a two-year-old as she fell from second floor window.


The incident took place in Istanbul, Turkey. The man who caught the falling toddler, 17-year-old Algerian named Feuzi Zabaat, has been hailed a hero for his brave and quick-thinking actions.

The toddler, two-year-old Doha Muhammed, reportedly stumbled out of the second floor window while her mother was cooking. Fortunately, Zabaat saw the girl from the street and managed to catch her as she fell, without any injury being sustained.

You can watch the dramatic moment here:


Speaking to ABC News after the event, Zabaat said he ‘did what was necessary for the love of Allah.’

He added, as per ITV News:

I was walking down the road when I saw a two year-old girl hanging from a window. I walked closer to her, and as she fell I held on to her.

Feuzi Zabaat with 2-year-old who fellFeuzi Zabaat with 2-year-old who fellABC News

Doha’s family called the 17-year-old a hero, and gave him a gift of 200 Turkish Liras as a token of their thanks and gratitude.

Although the toddler was physically unharmed, it was reported she was quite frightened after the fall. Zabaat and others rushed to help her and calm her down as her family rushed to her side.

Zabaat isn’t the only one who made a heroic save when a toddler fell this week, as in Colombia a quick-thinking mum managed to catch her young son as he toppled through a fourth-floor balcony.

You can watch the moment here:


The incident was captured on CCTV in the reception of area of a construction company. It shows the mum and toddler walk out of a lift with a delivery man before pausing on the balcony as the mother takes a phone call.

As the toddler crouches to peer through the balcony railings, he loses his balance and topples forward. Luckily, the mum leaps to his rescue and manages to grab her son just as he is falling. The delivery man then rushes down the stairs to assist from the other side.

The incident occurred earlier this week in the Laureles Colonial building in Medellin, Colombia, according to El Espectador, via the Mirror. It’s currently unclear whether the boy or mother sustained any injuries from the incident.

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