Teen Jailed After Taking Bite Out Of Friend’s Face In Nightclub

by : Cameron Frew on : 21 Nov 2019 15:41
Teen Jailed After Taking Bite Out Of Friend's Face In NightclubTeen Jailed After Taking Bite Out Of Friend's Face In NightclubKyra-Louise Strachan/Facebook/Cascade News

A teen has been jailed for 16 months after chomping her former friend’s face on a night out. 


Danielle Gaffar, from Dundee, Scotland, was out with friends at the Aura club on February 3 earlier this year.

After a reported fall out over Gaffar’s ex-boyfriend, the 19-year-old savagely attacked Kyra Strachan, then 18, launching her teeth into the girl’s cheek.

You can see Strachan’s cheek following the attack below (warning: graphic content): 

Kyra Strachan Bite Mark Cascade NewsKyra Strachan Bite Mark Cascade NewsCascade News
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As a result of the assault, which left a part of Strachan’s cheek hanging and required stitches, Dundee Sheriff Court heard the 18-year-old required plastic surgery.

Immediately after Gaffar’s sentencing, Strachan said, as per the Evening Telegraph

She got what she deserved. I’m just so glad it’s over. I can move on with my life now.

Following the publicity in the fallout of the case – horrific pictures of Strachan’s face quickly made their way onto social media following the attack – Gaffar, from Tealing, has since received death threats.

Gaffar pleaded guilty to grabbing Strachan by the hair, forcing her to the ground, striking her head off the ground, putting her arm around her throat, restricting her breathing and biting her, causing severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Kyra-Louise Strachan FacebookKyra-Louise Strachan FacebookKyra-Louise Strachan/Facebook

As well as requiring stitches, Strachan also suffered bruising to her face and forehead from the vicious assault.

According to prosecutor Kirsten Letford, Strachan initially wasn’t aware that it was Gaffar who was attacking her.


Letford explained:

While dancing, the complainer was pulled to the ground from behind unaware of who was assaulting her. She felt her head being banged off the floor several times and saw it was the accused that was assaulting her.

Defence solicitor Jim Laverty argued it was ‘entirely out of character’ for Gaffar, and since the attack he’s watched her mental health deteriorate.

Kyra Strachan Bite Mark Cascade News 2Kyra Strachan Bite Mark Cascade News 2Cascade News
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Laverty said:

This was an action which was entirely out of character. I have watched the deterioration of this young lady’s mental health. She has received death threats. She was due to begin a job but that was lost. The seriousness of this matter has not been lost on Miss Gaffar.

It is clear that this was a fleeting moment of madness and loss of self-control which will never, ever be repeated again.

Despite pleading for a ‘robust alternative’, Sheriff Thomas Hughes said there was ‘no alternative’ to custody. Gaffar was reportedly seen weeping heavily as she was led to the cells.

Sheriff Hughes added: 

This can only be described as a brutal attack. There has been absolute outrage in the community because of what happened. It was a reprehensible action on the night in question and the court can’t tolerate people being involved in that type of conduct.

I have taken the view that a custodial sentence is the only way of dealing with this matter.

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