Teen Makes Bunsen Burner, Ends Up Burning Down £3m Block Of Flats


A schoolboy who created a homemade bunsen burner, before accidentally burning down a multimillion pound block of flats in Plymouth, has walked free from court.

According to the Plymouth Herald, the 15-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was trying to replicate a school science experiment in his bedroom but quickly lost control of the fire.

Apparently, back in June 2015, the teen filled a Monster energy drink can with hairspray before setting it alight to make his own bunsen burner. He then put it out, or so he thought, before heading downstairs. When he returned, he found his room engulfed in flames.


In a move similar to Supernanny, the judge ordered the teen be sent to the cells so that he could think about his actions, as he deliberated on how to punish him.

The fire, which racked up over £3 million worth of damage, ruined an entire block of flats and devastated many family homes, leaving up to 100 people without a place to live.


None of the previous residents have been able to return to their flats – many of them have started living in local bed and breakfasts.

The judge gave the apologetic teenager an order and a curfew between 7am and 7pm. However, in my opinion, the teen doesn’t have the best track record of being on his best behaviour when he’s at home…