Teen ‘Never Got In Trouble’, Goes On Three State Crime Spree With Boyfriend


This is a classic case of good girl gone bad…

A Georgia teenager – who was described as a good girl who ‘never got in trouble’ – has been arrested after she allegedly stole her mum’s car, wiped out her bank account and went on a three-state crime spree. Holy shit, that escalated quickly…


17-year-old Ivie Jade Adams reportedly snuck out her family home overnight to secretly meet her boyfriend, before allegedly withdrawing all of her mum’s money and heading to Florida in her car.

Police stated that they abandoned the car and then stole another. Speaking to WSBTV, Lieutenant Charles Barstow of Milton Police Department said:

It started with the 17-year-old taking the car from her mother. She snuck out overnight. Met up with a juvenile male, ended up down at a local bank where they withdraw all the funds from the mom’s bank account and headed to Florida. It would appear from what we recovered from the mother’s vehicle down in Jacksonville that they were entering other automobiles, either on their way down there or while they were in Florida.


Adams and her boyfriend then headed across the Florida Panhandle toward Alabama. Sheriff’s deputies caught up with the couple in Dothan, Alabama, and arrested Adams and her boyfriend.

Lieutenant Barstow said the allegations were ‘somewhat of a shock.’


Claude Banks, who knew Adams, told WSBTV that he remembers her as a good girl. He said: “Never got in no trouble. Straight home from school. No trouble at all. Very sorry for her mom. Praying for her mom and hope that Jade is OK.”

She has been charged with multiple felonies including auto theft and financial credit card fraud.


Her boyfriend has not been charged as of yet. Although, this could change if new evidence surfaces.