Teen Posts Sick Video Of Herself Microwaving Pet Guinea Pig


Warning: Distressing Content


In an act of depraved cruelty a teenage girl from Brazil microwaved her living, breathing guinea pig and filmed the disgusting scene.

16-year-old Vitoria Muller did so on the instruction of ‘friends’ according to CEN.

The video is horrific, but thankfully the poor animal survived, and after being seized was taken to a vet. Miraculously it survived uninjured.

Warning disturbing footage:

Her misguided and frankly baffling attempt at garnering likes on social media obviously did not go to plan, however, with #PunicaoParaVitoria going viral.

The hashtag – which translates as punishment for Vitoria – was followed by the girl deleting all her social media accounts.

Her father has since stated his daughter did not escape said punishment.


He posted on social media:

My daughter was already punished for her bad behaviour…The animal is fine and in the name of all my family we apologise.

We all take care of animals in this house and we would never let something like this happen. We apologise again for all that happened.

Vile, but hopefully her family are true to their word and Vitoria will learn the horrendous error of her ways.