Teen Rapist Carved Name In Victim’s Arm Then Laughed

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A teenage rapist who carved his name into a schoolgirl’s arm before attempting to murder her is facing years in prison. 

Miles Hughes, 18, etched his name on the 15-year-old and repeatedly stabbed her with a Stanley knife, before grabbing her around the neck and raping her in Hampstead cemetery, north London, the Evening Standard reports.

After he fled the scene, Hughes called the police to say he murdered a girl in the graveyard.

When officers searched his bedroom they found a hand-drawn picture of a clown with a Nazi Swastika on it, alongside the number 666.

Another sketch had the words: “Anger creates Monsters, Hatred gives them reason”.

Hughes told the police that the drawings were a version of the voices he hears in his head- which told him that he had to kill the victim.

He denied attempted murder and rape, but an Old Bailey jury found him guilty of both charges.

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Hughes is now ‘bound to receive a substantial sentence’ according to Judge John Bevan QC and is set to have psychiatric assessments to judge how much of a danger he poses to the public.

The court heard that Hughes met his victim on July 9th last year and took her to West Hampstead graveyard, where they had a chat and listened to music.

Hughes turned the conversation to serial killers and started poking the Stanley knife at her neck, saying: “How would you react if I said I was going to kill you?”

He started carving his name into her left bicep, before pushing the victim back and climbing on top of her- covering her mouth until she was choking.

She tried to fight back, but was repeatedly knifed in the neck and chest as he raped her.

Hughes finally left the scene when a member of the public shouted ‘get off’, which allowed the girl to get help and call the emergency services.

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He will be sentenced on February 24th.