Teen Shoots Himself In The Head After Trying To Take ‘Gun Selfie’


A teenage boy is lucky to be alive after he shot himself in the head while trying to take a gun-holding selfie.

Ramandeep Singh, from Shiv Nagar, India, could have joined a worryingly-long list of selfie-related tragedies after attempting to take a selfie with his sister, which involved pointing a licenced .32 bore revolver to his head.

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The gun went off, and the 15-year-old lad was quickly rushed to hospital in Ludhiana with critical injuries.

It’s believed the revolver belonged to his father, a property dealer, who Pathankot police say was not in the house at the time of the incident.


This comes just a week after a former Thai gangster shot himself in the head while live streaming on Facebook, allegedly to get more followers. He was admitted to hospital in Bangkok with a minor wound to the side of his head.

But this is part of a much wider problem, a horrifying trend that seems to be taking the world by storm- taking incredibly dangerous selfies.

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Police in Mumbai have even had to launch a clampdown on selfies after a man drowned as he attempted to rescue a girl who had fallen into the sea when trying to take one.

Two other people have also died in selfie mishaps in India during the course of this year alone.

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A pretty terrifying time to be alive.