Teen Solves Own Kidnapping After 13 Years With Father Living Under Alias Of ‘Mangina’


A teenager living in Cleveland, Ohio, has solved the mystery of his own kidnapping 13 years after disappearing.

At the age of five Julian Hernandez was meant to be taken to preschool by his father, Bobby, but was instead reported missing by his mother on August 28, 2002.

Julian, originally from Birmingham, Alabama, made the startling discovery after problems with his social security number when applying for college.

After reporting the issue to a school counselor Julian found he was listed as missing by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


His father, who was living under the alias ‘Jonathan Mangina’, could face up to ten years in prison for interference with custody among other felony charges.

Over the years Julian’s mother continued to search for the son she had not seen since he was five, using age-progressing technology to create up-to-date missing posters.

Vestavia Hills Police Department in Alabama has informed Julian’s mother, who does not wish for her name to be released, but Lt. Kevin York has said despite being happy she is ‘also somewhat hesitant because there had been so many false leads through the years.’

Now 18 it is up to Julian if he wants to reconnect with his mother and discover the life of which he was robbed, but at least that is now his choice.