Teen Spots Something Seriously Scary In Selfie From Family Fishing Trip



Freaky things were afoot during this girl’s fishing trip with her grandparents.

There are some things that would seriously mind-fuck a teenager, for Haley Ogletree what she and her mother saw after she took a selfie rightly had alarm bells ringing.

After taking a souvenir snap, whilst celebrating her brother’s birthday, 13-year-old Haley, from the state of Georgia, U.S, noticed something peculiar in the background.

If someone can explain what-in the-actual-fuck this is, we’d very much appreciate it…

Haley’s mum, Jessica, posted the paranormal picture on Facebook to see what social media made of it.

Check out some of the crack pot theories below, some of which are completely absurd:

While no one in Jessica’s comments section was able to provide a logical or plausible explanation, we can all agree this is one fucked up picture.

Let us know in the comments section what you think it is.