Teen Suffers Horrific Penis Injury After Playing Blue Whale Suicide Game

Siberian Times

A teenager has cut off his own penis while playing the controversial ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ at his home.

Xu Zhenlang is said to have cut off his manhood with a blade while he was at home alone one evening, but later called his parents because he could no longer endure the pain.



The 16-year-old was taken to the Nanchang Shuguang Hand & Foot Surgical Hospital in East China’s Jiangxi province where doctors immediately rushed him into surgery.

Medics said the boy severed his penis at the base in a ‘self-inflicted injury’ and said doctors spent around eight hours reattaching it.

Despite the lengthy surgery, an unnamed surgeon noted it was ‘hard to say’ whether the penis would be successfully rescued or regain full function in the future.

The boy’s mum told doctors her son had mentioned playing the ‘Blue Whale Game’ – but told hospital staff she had ‘no idea what the game involved’.

The Blue Whale Challenge originated in Russia with Russian Blue Whale administrator Philipp Budeikin, 21 – and the game has been linked with ‘at least 130 deaths’ there as well as other incidents in Spain and Ireland.

The game challenges people to take part in a number of life-threatening tasks over a period of 50 days and it ends in suicide.

Budeikin pleaded guilty to inciting at least 16 teenage girls to commit suicide through the game.

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