Teen Temptress Who ‘Drugs And Robs Rich Men’ Arrested Again

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A teen temptress who has been accused of drugging rich men so she can steal their cash and Rolex watches has been arrested again. 

The Daily Mail reports, Alexandra Martinez, 19, allegedly convinced a JP Morgan, Vice President and Private Client Adviser, Michael Briese, 31, to take her back to his $1.8 million (£1.2 million) New York apartment on August 14 where she then robbed him.

This is the sixth time Martinez, of Ewing, New Jersey, has been arrested for stealing items and cash from her victims in hotels and their homes. Think of her as a more selfish Robin Hood – she robs from the rich and gives to herself.

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Martinez allegedly waited for Briese to nod off and then helped herself to his Rolex, Panerai and Tag Heuer watches, gold necklaces, a ring, an iPad, clothing, two credit cards and $1,000 (nearly £700) in cash.

When he woke up and noticed the theft, he called the police and Martinez was arrested last Thursday and arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court.She has since been released on bond.

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Last December, Martinez made headlines after it was revealed she’d been caught a number of occasions pulling her scam.

She is said to have targeted the heir to a fortune made on selling fireworks, a member of family that owns a Brooklyn oil-company and the manager of a Midtown seafood restaurant. Each time she waited for them to all asleep and then robbed them blind.