Teen Told Her Top Was ‘Too Innappropriate’ For Yearbook Photo

by : Tom Percival on : 29 Jul 2017 16:16
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A teen has been told her top was ‘inappropriate’ for a yearbook photo because it showed her shoulders.


17-year-old Grace Gable from Illinois in America wore an unassuming yellow off the shoulder jumper for her yearbook photo, Today reports.

However despite the school taking her photo she claims that they’ve since asked her to retake the photo because it violates her school’s dress code because you could see her shoulders.

Shocked by the school’s prudish reaction she began an online petition to have the schools ruling overturned as she felt the school was trying to shame her.


She wrote on her petition:

As you can see, this photo is completely innocent, and the sweater that I am wearing is modest and covers my body very appropriately.

This is a shirt which I have worn to school and to school events before, and no one has ever given it a second thought.

Grace believes that the school’s policy of banning girls from wearing certain items of clothing could have a hugely negative effect in the long run.

She said that it’s ridiculous that young women aren’t allow to wear what they want and that shaming women for wearing clothes that make them feel comfortable is ‘sexist’ adding it leads to girls growing up believing that if another individual cannot control their actions then it’s the woman’s fault.

Since beginning her petition the school have decided that the photo could be included in the yearbook and the principal is planning a  special student group who will be tasked with updating the schools dress code.

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