Teen Who Claimed To Be African-American Admits She’s White

by : UNILAD on : 18 Jan 2018 19:16

I claim to be many things: a self-loathing, self-destructive writer, a cynical long-suffering Arsenal fan and, my personal favourite, Batman on a budget.

However, one thing I’ve never done is claim to be another race, it’s cultural appropriation at the highest level and insulting to the race of the people you claim to belong.


Which is why we have the interesting case of Victoria Waldrip – better known by her internet alias WoahVicky – who has come to terms that she is, in fact, not African American.

Hold the phone for a second – I didn’t even know this girl was confused about her race, hell I wasn’t even aware of who she was until I was told about her during a pretty terrible Tinder date – I can hear some of you asking who this girl is.

As it happens this girl is considered famous – I guess having over 1.2 million followers on the ‘gram and a blue tick is what warrants celebrity status these days – damn I’m getting too old for this sh*t. But yeah she’s well known, and part of her selling point was that she was adamant she was a black girl.


Ignoring the obvious fact that WoahVicky is whiter than the White House, it seems her followers were keen to play along with the charade. That is until recently when she came to the sad realisation that she is in fact NOT BLACK!

Oh my god shock of the century, poor Vicky is now coming to terms with the fact that she’s white, which comes with all its lovely privileges, how will she cope? In other news, water is wet and there’s still no oxygen in outer space.

Before discovering her shocking heritage the teenager from Atlanta, Georgia, would claim her DNA tests would prove she was black. She found fame by mimicking urban/black culture, liberally using the N-word and wearing do-rags, mouth grills and twerking.


So basically she watched a bunch of Nicki Minaj music videos and was like ‘I can do that’.

In one of her YouTube videos Vicky says:

My whole entire life my mom kept telling me ‘you’re white’ and I never believed her because I knew I was black.


I guess it must’ve been a sobering moment when she discovered that she was, in fact, a Caucasian teenager. Now she has to deal with living in a country which is designed for her to prosper. The struggle is real.

Right now I’m trying to debate who’s more jarring, her or Danielle Bregoli.

While her Instagram account has since closed down, unfortunately her YouTube videos are still up.

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