Teen Who Faced Horrendous Abuse After Suicide Attempt Is Fighting Back


When one 17-year-old was left feeling suicidal after being targeted by bullies through the app Yik Yak, she decided to take a stand.

Elizabeth Long contemplated suicide during her time at Woodward Academy in Georgia, and was even told by one person via the app to stop ‘bitching about how she almost killed herself’ and ‘go ahead and do it’.

She is now calling on the app to be shut down, and has even set up a petition on Change.org to ensure it happens.


She spoke to the Mirror and claimed:

I was really sad when I first read the Yaks about me because after going through such a dark time I felt like I was really doing something positive with my experience by sharing it with other people, but others just used it against me.

I ended up going to my school councillor crying about the Yaks but they said that there was really nothing that they could do because so many other people were being bullied over it and the app had control of everything.

Not many people share their stories of battling depression and I feel like more people should. I love getting support from people all over the world and that’s what keeps me going everyday.


Elizabeth is now a student at the University of Mississippi, and has set up the Life Worth Living charity, to offer support to those with depression and suicidal feelings.

She even met with creators of Yik Yak, tech entrepreneurs Brooks Buffington and Tyler Droll, to discuss her views, saying they made ’empty promises’ and only wanted to see her petition removed.

When a spokesperson for Yik Yak were asked to comment, they refused.