Teen Who Filmed George Floyd’s Murder Powerfully Reflects On ‘Trauma’ One Year Later

by : Daniel Richardson on : 26 May 2021 13:32
Teen Who Filmed George Floyd's Murder Reflects On 'Trauma' One Year LaterDarnella Frazier/Instagram/Offices Of Ben Crump Law

One year on, the woman who filmed George Floyd’s murder has discussed the ‘trauma’ of the incident.

The footage of George Floyd’s murder shocked the world. The murder sparked global protests and highlighted systemic racism within law enforcement institutions.


Darnella Frazier was the teenager who filmed the scene, which took place outside a grocery store in Minneapolis. At the time, the 17-year-old was taking her nine-year-old cousin to the store when the police incident unfolded.

On the anniversary of Floyd’s death, May 25, Frazier has discussed her experience of the incident and everything that followed.

Volunteers Clean Makeshift Memorial Where George Floyd Was Killed As Reflection Spot (PA Images)PA Images

Frazier wrote on Facebook,  ‘A year ago, today I witnessed a murder. The victim’s name was George Floyd.’ She then explained what happened that day.


Frazier noted:

I didn’t know this man from a can of paint, but I knew his life mattered. I knew that he was in pain. I knew that he was another black man in danger with no power. I was only 17 at the time, just a normal day for me walking my 9-year-old cousin to the corner store, not even prepared for what I was about to see, not even knowing my life was going to change on this exact day in those exact moments… it did.

The teenager explained it ‘changed’ her and altered her perspective on life, saying it took a part of both her and her cousin’s childhood from them. She detailed that Black people shouldn’t ‘have to walk on egg shells’ when they see police officers, while adding, ‘We are looked at as thugs, animals, and criminals, all because of the color of our skin’.


After the murder of Floyd, Frazier detailed her continued struggles:

Having to up and leave because my home was no longer safe, waking up to reporters at my door, closing my eyes at night only to see a man who is brown like me, lifeless on the ground. I couldn’t sleep properly for weeks. I used to shake so bad at night my mom had to rock me to sleep.

Hopping from hotel to hotel because we didn’t have a home and looking over our back every day in the process. Having panic and anxiety attacks every time I seen a police car, not knowing who to trust because a lot of people are evil with bad intentions.

Frazier noted, ‘Behind this smile, behind these awards, behind the publicity, I’m a girl trying to heal from something I am reminded of every day’. She also discussed the impact it has had on her family and how she now wants to be strong for her mother who supported her in the wake of the life-changing experience.

Despite the lasting trauma, Frazier did write ‘I’m proud of myself’, rightly noting that her footage ‘put [Floyd’s] murderer away and off the streets.’

Floyd hologram (PA Images)PA Images

Reflecting on the actions of the police and the commentary on the incident, Frazier detailed how Floyd was looked at by others:

You can view George Floyd anyway you choose to view him, despite his past, because don’t we all have one? He was a loved one, someone’s son, someone’s father, someone’s brother, and someone’s friend.

She highlighted that police officers should not be able to decide who lives and should be held accountable for their actions.


Frazier finished her post by writing:

It shouldn’t have to take people to actually go through something to understand it’s not ok. It’s called having a heart and understanding right from wrong. George Floyd, I can’t express enough how I wish things could have went different, but I want you to know you will always be in my heart. I’ll always remember this day because of you. May your soul rest in peace.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website www.stophateuk.org/talk

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