Teenage Boy Horrified After He Grows Single ‘A-Cup Breast’

Asia Wire

At the fine old age of just twenty, a taste for cheap lager in large quantities, late night takeaways, and all things carbohydrates have driven me to safely say I understand the miserable concept of man boobs.

While I’m hardly a DD I’m pretty certain that my upper body is significantly larger than it was just four years ago – and I have nobody to blame but myself and my consistent bad habits.

However – while manboobs have been a topic of conversation for what feels like eternity, manboob (yes, just the one) are not, but that’s exactly what happened to a teenager in China who has undergone surgery to get rid of his solo manboob.

Asia Wire

Xiao Yang, a skinny and relatively healthy 13-year-old was horrified to discover that his right breast was growing considerably in size.

While doctors initially passed it off as Xiao just eating too much fast food, they had no idea why the growth was only happening to one side of his body.

After years of speaking with so-called experts, Xiao was still no closer to solving the mystery – and his breast had continually grown in size, up to an A-cup.

Asia Wire

Eventually, when Xiao turned 19 he was taken to Wenzhou Central Hospital where it was discovered he had a growth in his breast’s mammary gland.

After a relatively simple mastectomy, surgeons were able to rid Xiao of his breast and he was discharged just a number of days later.

Hopefully Xiao can now look forward to a healthy life free from his unfortunate one breast.