Teenage Girl In Intensive Care After High Rope Jumping Stunt Goes Wrong

by : UNILAD on : 24 Nov 2015 15:33

Shocking video footage shows the horrific moment a 108ft high rope jumping stunt went horribly wrong, leaving a teenage girl fighting for her life.

As reported by the Mirror Online, the terrifying moment happened in Russia, as a 19-year-old named only as Ksenia, leapt off the 10-storey building and the rope failed to catch her fall.

Rope jumping differs from traditional bungee jumping, as rather than the springy cord to stop jumpers hitting the ground, thrill-seekers use nylon ropes which stretch to absorb a fall. So instead of bouncing, jumpers slow down as the rope catches their fall.


Tragically, in this instance, the rope barely managed to slow the teenage girl’s descent. Be warned, the video of the incident below is very graphic and may be distressing to some.

Ksenia hits the ground at a rapid pace and is instantly knocked unconscious and left hanging from the rope, as a voice in the background can be heard asking if she’s okay.

The mobile phone footage was filmed in the city of Murmansk, captured by two onlookers standing on the opposite building. Instagram user kostya_grinvald, who recorded the disastrous jump, said he immediately called for an ambulance.

According to local media, the organisers of the illegal jump were charging people 900 roubles (£9) to take part in the dangerous stunt and were making participants sign a form absolving them of any consequences if anything were to go wrong.


The teenager is reportedly in critical condition and is still in intensive care.

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    Teenage girl fighting for her life after 108ft-high rope jumping stunt goes horribly wrong