Teenage Girl Left With Serious Injuries After Thugs Lob Brick At Her Face

by : Francesca Donovan on : 10 Jul 2017 11:00
Belfast Live/Clare Corr

A teenage girl has been left with two facial fractures after thugs threw a brick across a trainline onto the platform where she was waiting.


Lara Corr, 15, was waiting at the Dunmurry train halt in West Belfast on Saturday night when a group of young men spotted her and her friend, and threw a brick at the pair.

The brick hit Lara in the face, leaving her seriously wounded, in pain and very ‘upset’, according to her mother, Clare Corr, 45.


Ms. Corr told Belfast Live:


I spoke to her at 10.10pm and she said “I’m just leaving Whitney…and then I’ll be on my way home”. And then her friend phoned me from her phone at 10.15pm squealing saying that blood was coming out of Lara’s eye and she’d been hit with a brick.

Kids were on the side of the track that would be heading towards Belfast. A load of them ran but one of them came over to make sure she was OK. He must have realised how bad it was.

Belfast Live/Clare Corr

Today, the teenager will be attending Ulster Hospital where doctors will assess the full extent of the damage and decided whether Lara will be needing surgery on the two facial fractures.

Ms. Corr added the family holiday to Bulgaria on Monday may not go ahead anymore, despite having saved up for a year, adding: “She’s very upset. Last night she was uncontrollable. She was in so much pain and had to have morphine it was that bad.”

Clare said the police had begun an investigation, despite the area being void of CCTV cameras, and have launched a Facebook appeal which has been shared by many.

Corr explained: “The police have been great. There’s no CCTV cameras over there. They’ve said that there is anti-social behaviour in the area and they do patrol it. I’ve had a few police officers on the phone today. They put out an appeal on Facebook. Loads of people have shared that which is great so somebody is bound to have seen something.”

Corr concluded: “I’m angry – if it was my daughter and she’d done something like that I would want to know. But at the same time it’s obviously a kid too. They need to know they can’t be doing that.”


Nobody has come forward to the police as of yet.

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