Teenage Survivor Of Grenfell Tower Fire Sat GCSE Exam Hours Later


I have no doubt that the majority of people on Earth are good, but even then there are only a handful of people who are incredibly special.

One of those people is 16-year-old Ines Alves who until yesterday was virtually just another pupil who revised hard and wanted to do the best she could in her exams, according to the Mirror.

Ines lived on the 13th floor of the now infamous, Grenfell Tower. When the fire began, Ines’ father noticed the blaze and told his family to hurry out of the tower block and fortunately they all got out safe.


Despite the fire brigade urging them to go back into their flat and lock the door and windows, the family remained adamant that they were staying outside.

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But what is it that makes Ines such a remarkable human being? After a sleepless night gazing up at the inferno which destroyed her home taking countless lives with it – Ines Alves went straight to school to sit her chemistry GCSE.

Speaking about her decision, she said:

I put on my jeans and a top and just grabbed by phone and chemistry notes. I was trying to revise while we waited downstairs as we thought it was a small fire at first but it was impossible.

Considering what had happened I think the exam went OK. I want to do A-level chemistry and I need an A in science so I was thinking of my future when I decided to sit the exam.

Her brother Tiago, a physics student at Kings College, added:

We realised about 3am that our flat had been destroyed and despite being at a friend’s house, my sister couldn’t sleep, so she studied for the exam instead.

We had told her she didn’t have to sit the exam because of the extenuating circumstances, but she had studied so hard for it she was determined she was going to take it.

Her school had even contacted the exam board and told her she didn’t have to come in, but she wants to study chemistry at A-level. She said it went well, and my sister is a smart girl, so if she said it went well, it did.

So far 17 people have been confirmed dead in the unspeakable tragedy which took place in the early hours of yesterday morning.

A tragedy which could’ve been prevented according to residents.