Teenager Accidentally Kills Himself Taking Selfie With Loaded Gun

Family Photo/Shutterstock

In a strong contender for the Darwin Awards, a young teen accidentally shot and killed himself while taking photos as he was holding a loaded gun.

19-year-old Deleon Alonso Smith was in his apartment in Houston, Texas on Tuesday afternoon when the weapon fired and shot him in the throat. A witness said the father-of-two believed the gun was unloaded at the time.

Smith’s family said the young dad was set to start college on Wednesday.


Speaking to KPRC, the victim’s sister Danisha Jones said:

It’s just crazy how somebody could be here one minute. And in seconds, they’re gone. It wasn’t like he was trying to do it on purpose. No, he was not trying to kill himself.

His uncle Eric Douglas, who tried to resuscitate his nephew, added that Smith’s death was “the worst feeling in my life”.

The tragic incident comes as more and more people are taking selfies of themselves in dangerous situations. Please, be careful out there everyone!