Teenager Performs Crazy Stunt On Top Of Bridge

Daily Post

A teenager in Wales has faced the wrath of his mother after he performed a backflip on top of a bridge, and it seems that will be the only consequence.

16-year-old James Corr ventured up Rhyl’s blue bridge and had a friend record his death-defying stunt at the top, but according to The Daily Post police say he has done nothing wrong and refused to comment as a result.

Denbighshire council have apparently sided with the lad’s mum and condemned his free-running antics.

A spokesperson said:

We don’t condone this kind of irresponsible behaviour. It needlessly puts personal safety at risk and possibly the safety of others too.

Corr told the Post:

I know people say free-running is stupid and antisocial and everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think it was in my ability and if I’d have got up on the bridge and had even the slightest doubt, I wouldn’t have done it.

I know the risks but I also know my limits…When I landed the backflip on the bridge, it gave me an overwhelming feeling that I’ve only ever had a handful of times.

It’s a feeling I don’t get from anything else.

Brave or stupid, you can’t argue that this lad has major cojones.