Teenager Reduced To Tears After Being Told She Was Too Ginger To Fly

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One teenager was reduced to tears after being told she was too pale to get on a plane by Etihad Airways.

The 14 year old, from Scotland, has a pale complexion according to her father, and was feeling ill as she waited in line to board the flight.

After being checked by medical professionals, who gave her the all-clear, the airline still insisted she had a written note from doctors saying she could board the plane.

Grace and her 11 year old brother were reduced to tears, with her family astounded this happened.


Her father, Paul, claimed:

We live in Scotland.

She is a redhead and she has a pale complexion. That’s just the way she is.

The family, who were attempting to fly to the Maldives on holiday, then lost some of their luggage when they landed, making it the flight from hell.