Teenager Who Escaped Grenfell Tower Gets An A In GCSEs

by : UNILAD on : 24 Aug 2017 12:07

A Teenager who survived the tragic Grenfell Tower blaze has achieved an A grade in her GCSE exams.


16-year-old Ines Alves was caught up in the fatal fire in the west London tower block, the night before she was meant to sit her GCSE chemistry exam.

The teen, who lived with her family on the thirteenth floor, escaped the fire in the middle of the night – with only her phone and chemistry notes – before sitting the exam at nine the next morning.

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After such a devastating experience, where her family pretty much lost everything, sitting an exam would be the last priority, but Alves had studied so hard, she was determined not to miss it.


Alves found out her results while appearing on today’s episode of This Morning, alongside her brother Tiago, where she revealed she received an A in Chemistry and a grade 9,  (the equivalent of an A* under the old GCSE marking system), in Mathematics.

Alves said:

I want to take chemistry for A-level and needed good grades in science – it’s my strongest science, so I thought it was worth doing it rather than not doing it.

The fire was always on my mind, but the exam was a way of escaping it and not thinking about it.

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After she sat her exam Alves revealed she’d joined her family to help others  in the community who had been affected by the tragic fire.

Alves continued:

I just wanted to do all I could to help and I wanted to see my friends, who were also helping.

They’ve been incredibly supportive.


The Grenfell Tower fire has claimed at least 80 lives, with the final death count still unknown.

The cause of the fire has been put down to negligence from the council and building and construction firms who supplied the materials for the building.


An investigation has now been opened into possible corporate manslaughter.

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