Teenager Who Violently Assaulted 68-Year-Old Woman Turns Himself In To Police

NBC Miami

A teenager who threw an elderly woman into a swimming pool during a house party has turned himself into the police after footage of the attack went viral.

16-year-old Leon Balfour threw 68-year-old Nancy James into the pool after Ms James attempted to control a loud party at  her townhouse complex on Saturday evening, the Miami Herald reports.

According to the local sheriff’s office Balfour handed himself in on Monday evening saying: “I messed up and I have to own up to it.”

Leon will face a charge of battery on an elderly person.

A video taken by a fellow party-goer shows Ms James asking the teens to turn down the music. As she talks to the teens they begin to chant ‘throw her in’ and Leon obliges.

As he picks her up however he appears to drop her and Leon then drags Ms James into the pool.

NBC Miami

A sheriff’s deputy who responded to the incident explained how frightened and upset James and that she was ‘drenched in the water from her shoulders down’.

Speaking to WPLG said: 

No one should ever, ever, ever, ever, have to go through that, you know? It just shouldn’t happen. The kid has not evolved yet into what you’re supposed to be as a human being.

James reportedly declined to visit the hospital after the incident but neighbours claim she did end up going to the emergency room that evening.

The sheriff’s office is continuing to investigate the incident and is looking to speak to any witnesses.