Teenagers Attempt To Use Encyclopaedias For Research And It’s Ridiculous

by : UNILAD on : 13 Jul 2015 16:54

Can you remember a time before the Internet had all the answers? Well, it turns out that some teenagers really can’t.


In this latest Fine Bros clip, a panel of teens react to these crazy things called encyclopaedias and they don’t appear to be huge fans.

First, the teens attempt to describe what an encyclopaedia is and some of the guesses are fascinating, including a “dictionary for different things,” “the Internet in books” and “Google way back in the day.”

Still, you’d think the Wikipedia generation might at least have some idea of how to seek out information from an actual book, but their research game is most certainly not on point.

Seriously, without Google these guys and gals are completely lost.


One guy even describes the period before the all-knowing search engine as “the worst of times”, which seems a bit harsh until we recall the pain of writing an essay in those dark days before the rise of the internet…

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    Teens attempt to do research using only encyclopedias—and it's pure chaos