Teenager’s Incredibly Calm 911 Call Moments After His Legs Were Severed By A Train

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Listen to 17-year-old, Jacob Ohl’s incredibly calm call to the emergency services moments after his legs got severed by a train.

The high school student was walking along the train tracks in Atlanta, Georgia when the harrowing accident occurred. According to Ohl’s Mother, Fern Cook, her son had his headphones on so he couldn’t hear the oncoming train, however he could feel it approaching.

Unfortunately he wasn’t able to act fast enough to move out of the way and lost his legs in the process.

Inside Edition

Now in this situation most people would, understandbly, be acting hysterical – you just lost your legs in the most painful way possible, however when young Jacob dialled 911 he sounded as cool as cucumber.

It started off with Jacob calmly telling the emergency operator that he had been hit by a train and that he thought it had ‘cut off’ his legs.

You can listen to the call below:

He then calmly explains to person at the other end of the line what transpired and how he fell ‘under’ the tracks. According to reports from local new network WSB-TV investigators found Jacob to be appearing okay.

Investigator, Cody Belcher, told the news channel that:

I lifted the jacket and saw that the bottom half of his legs were no longer attached.

Yet despite the traumatic experience Jacob’s attitude has remained unbroken. His mother claims that he’s always been level headed and that ‘He’s in acceptance’ with what happened.

A GoFundMe page has been set up in his name and has already raised $40,000 (£32,700). Fern said that ‘He’s already started physical therapy’, adding that he’ll be ‘going to a rehabilitation center soon’.

Cook praised her son’s unwavering character and ability to maintain his humour throughout this difficult period. She added that they’ve already come up with a few nicknames, including ‘The Blade Runner’, which is a personal favourite.

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She explained that:

His head is OK. He has no feet, but he’s OK… He’s committed to healing… I know that in some ways, he feels foolish for being where he was at that time. But I’m just so glad he’s alive.

Inside Edition reports that Jacob is also a ‘talented musician’ who plays guitar and saxophone, his mother hopes that it’ll help him through his recovery.