Teenagers React To Retro James Bond Game GoldenEye 007


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You can’t escape James Bond at the minute.

Spectre is smashing box office records, but while Daniel Craig’s latest offering looks like one of the best yet, it’s a retro film that’s making headlines today.

That’s because the classic video game for GoldenEye is the subject of a ‘kids react’ video.

The teenagers in it are from the Fine Brothers’ React series, and it’s interesting to say the least.

retroMP34 Fun

So the game is played on one single screen, which is quite a novelty for kids these days.

Despite that, the kids seem to enjoy playing it.

The poor graphics, the fact that they can shade each other while playing, and the shitty controls all show what a classic the game is.

After all, who doesn’t love a bit of retro action?