Teens Lie Down In Front Of Speeding Train ‘To Get Social Media Likes’



A day doesn’t seem to go by nowadays without someone doing something fucking ridiculous in their quest for a video views.

In fact, many even seem happy to risk their lives for it- just like these two teenagers from the Czech Republic.

They thought it’d be a super clever idea to lie down right in front of an oncoming train and stay there as it sped right over them.


The horrifically stupid stunt was apparently carried out to get ‘likes’ across their social media sites, something which railway chiefs in the Czech Republic are understandably fuming about.

The terrifying clip, which has now been deleted from social media, shows the two kids legging it on to a railways track before lying down between the rails.

Only a few seconds pass before a train speeds right over them, with the driver unable to stop in time.


The pair somehow managed to survive the ridiculous stunt and immediately ran away from the scene as the train passed.

Speaking to local media, Martin Drapal from the Railway Inspection said the teens must have had no idea how dangerous their behaviour really was.

He explained:

There’s a danger that the wind created by the coming train can raise the clothes. The clothes can catch underneath the train. If the train goes at 60 to 70 kph it can be fatal.


Czech Railways is now searching for the pair, who could face a fine from 2,000 CZK (£65) to 10,000 CZK (£325).