Teen’s Nose Is Horrifically Bitten During Attack By Jack Russell


Warning graphic content ahead


This unfortunate teenager was victim to a brutal attack by a Jack Russell Terrier.

19-year-old Aiden Noel, has been left disfigured and faces up to three stages of surgery over the next eight months, after he was bitten.

The tiny dog, Milo, reportedly lunged at Aiden as he bent down to stroke him and bit off a ‘chunk’ of his nose last November.


The teenager, from Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, told The Metro that he now feels ‘trapped at home’ after the vicious attack.

He also says that ever since the attack people have been staring at his wounds and it’s left him feeling like ‘a freak’. It’s left him feeling quite ‘self-conscious being face to face’ with other people, admitting sometimes he feels a bit down because of what he’s been through.

Describing the traumatic events, he remembers that he:

… bent down to stroke the dog, Milo, he was on the sofa and as I bent down there was no warning – he didn’t growl, he didn’t bark at me.

I started to stroke him on the side of the neck and as I lent in further – I was about a foot away – from him, he just lunged forward and bit me on the end of my nose.

My first reaction was to pull away… after I had done that I was in a bit of shock.


His friend informed Aiden that he was bleeding and ‘seriously… missing a chunk off’ his nose. When he looked in the mirror he could see that his ‘whole nose from the bottom was red’ and that it was bleeding heavily.

The attack really caught him by surprise as he says he:

…knew the dog for months. The first few times it was obviously quite aggressive – it’s tried to bite me before on the leg – but I got to know it, I had the dog sitting on my lap stroking it and it was fine.’

Stephen Taylor, the dog’s owner, was ordered to pay £150 compensation to Aiden after admitting to keeping a dangerous dog in his home and had to pay a £120 fine last month.

However, the teenager has hit out at Luton Magistrates for letting Taylor keep the terrier and the ‘disgusting’ decision to award him such a small compensation fee.

The former warehouse worker is claiming that he’s now losing out on £5000 in earnings after being unable to return to work due to an infection risk.

He went on to say that:

This is something that’s going to stay with me for the rest of my life possibly. I’ve lost well over £5,000 since I haven’t been working – £150 – that’s a real insult to be fair.

It seems like no one really cares. Things have definitely been put on hold at the moment. I loved working and now I’m trapped at home.

However Mr Taylor has refuted those claims saying that Aiden knew that ‘he was going to be bitten at the time’ and denied that Milo, who is a rescue dog, was dangerous.

Taylor stated that he was reluctant to ‘to pay the guy (Aiden) any money what so ever’ despite understanding that ‘It’s no fun having part of your nose ripped off’. He also suggests that Aiden did do something to provoke Milo into attacking him.