Televangelist Goes On Bizarre Rant Defending Use Of Three Private Jets


Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has been filmed going on a bizarre rant defending his use of three private jets after previously claiming he won’t fly commercial with ‘demons’.

In the footage, Copeland, 82, switches between angrily pointing at his interviewer and attempting to defend his actions, to complimenting her on her eyes and calling her ‘baby’.

The preacher, who was estimated to be worth $760 million as of October last year, flares up several times throughout the interview while trying to defend living a life of luxury.

In the interview with Inside Edition, Copeland is confronted about his recent purchase of a $3 million private jet from producer and actor Tyler Perry.

When investigative journalist Lisa Guerrero asks how he thinks it’s acceptable to live in luxury when he preaches the gospel, the 82-year-old persistently attempts to dodge the question while giving the excuse that he’s been ‘caught off guard’.

Not accepting that as an excuse though, Guerrero continues her line of questioning and demands an answer from Copeland, resulting in the bizarre rant that follows.

You can watch the full interview below:

With the preacher attempting to deflect the journalist’s questions by complimenting her, praying, and kissing her hand, it isn’t until she asks him about his 2016 comment that flying commercial is like getting in ‘a long tube with a bunch of demons’ that he gets angry.

When Guerrero asks, ‘do you really believe that human beings are demons,’ Copeland snaps, turning angry and pointing at her aggressively.

He responds, shaking his hand in anger:

No I did not and don’t you ever say I did.

At this point, he begins quoting from the Bible and starts smiling manically, turning once more into a cheerful demeanor.

Copeland then attempts to explain what he meant by those comments, referring to an incident a couple of years ago when he witnessed marshals dragging a passenger off a plane.

The preacher continued:

Do you think that’s a good environment for a preacher to be? I wanted to go punch that guy myself. I can’t be doing that when I’m getting ready to preach.

I could no longer do what I was called to do when I get on the airlines and besides that I need my clothes when I get there.

Guerrero doesn’t accept his explanation, attempting to explain that preachers should not do the work of God while living with so much wealth.

But Copeland continued to defend his wealth, stating that he uses his money for good – despite him living in a $6 million mansion in Newark, Texas.

The preacher finishes his interview by kissing Guerrero’s hand and telling her, ‘I love you girl’.

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