Telltale’s Walking Dead Michonne Miniseries Gets A Release Date


We finally have a release date for the hotly anticipated Walking Dead Michonne miniseries from telltale, and it’s very soon indeed. Episode one will be dropping (like it’s hot) on February 23.

The first episode of this three part tale, called ‘In Too Deep’ will follow our baddass sword wielding heroine Michonne, as she joins Pete and his crew on a ship called The Companion.

As they look around for supplies and/or survivors, they come across the scene of a massacre. Following that, the crew are led to the survivors’ colony of Monroe – a place that might just have the answers they’re looking for. Then again, it might not. Who knows?

After In Too Deep, the next episode in the series – ‘Give No Shelter’ – releases in March, before concluding in April with the third and final episode; ‘What We Deserve’. Sounds ominous.

The three-episode game bundle will set you back roughly £10 ($15) and is coming to PC/Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. It’ll also be available on iOS/Android devices from February 25.

If you just can’t wait, or you just want some harrowing zombie related drama on Valentine’s Day, there’ll be an exclusive preview of the first episode this Sunday at 5:30pm PST on the Telltale Games YouTube channel.