Temperatures In The UK Could Reach 40°C Within 10 Years, Scientists Warn

by : Cameron Frew on : 25 Jul 2021 14:39
Temperatures In The UK Could Reach 40°C Within 10 Years, Scientists WarnPA Images

Brits could be sweating in 40°C heat within the next 10 years, scientists have warned. 

The UK has been experiencing an immense heatwave over the past week, with temperatures soaring above 30°C in some parts of the country and desktop fans running 24/7 to keep people cool.


It’s been cooling down a bit this weekend, but the Met Office has already warned of ‘warmer and drier-than-average conditions looking likely to return’ in early August.

Temperatures may skyrocket over the next 10 years. (PA Images)PA Images

As you probably expected, the hotter temperatures over the next decade will be due to climate change and increasing carbon emissions across the world, with ice caps melting and sea levels rising.

According to the University of Reading’s heatwave hazards researcher Chloe Brimicombe, the UK could experience 40°C every three-and-a-half years by the end of the century. However, that’s a worst-case scenario, and a more likely outcome is reaching that level of heat once every 15 years.


‘Most of our rail network would not be able to run in those sorts of temperatures. We would see increased pressure on water resources, productivity would be reduced, and it could affect our livestock and our crops,’ she told The Sun.

Brits have been desperately trying to keep cool this week. (PA Images)PA Images

The past week’s heatwave may have attributed to 1,000 deaths, according to Bob Ward, policy director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change at the London School of Economics. ‘This is a natural disaster but we do not look at it that way. We are not set up for it in this country,’ he said.

‘Other hotter countries do not see the same mortality that we do. But this is going to become more frequent and we need to start to prepare. At 40°C even healthy people will not survive. Construction workers, agriculture workers – anyone who is working outdoors is at risk,’ he added.


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