Ten Of The Best Fan Theories Of 2015


Fan theories always make for an interesting read. Sometimes they a pretty wide of the mark, but some viewing addicts really go to town on some pretty intricate story ideas.

Offerings for 2015 have ranged from ground breaking to soul destroying, so check out ten of the best the past 365 days have brought to light.

Pulp Fiction Was Set Before Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs have long been suspected to be intrinsically linked, and finally one fan has exposed a highly compelling of what that link may be.

In short, Pulp Fiction is supposedly set before Reservoir Dogs, and Steve Buscemi’s character story is the most obvious evidence.

In Pulp Fiction Buscemi plays the waiter dressed as Buddy Holly at Jack Rabbit Slim’s. Now when the film ends the diner is closed, so Buscemi needs a job and turns to a life of crime.

This leads to the birth of Mr. Pink, a nervous criminal new to the lifestyle, and who refuses to give waiters tips. Perhaps as a result of resenting his time in the profession.

It is well worth reading in full, it may just have you convinced.

Was Jar Jar Binks A Sith Master?

No one liked Jar Jar, and maybe we are all far more intuitive than we think.

One Redditor has revealed a not totally implausible theory that the annoying Gungan may actually have been on the dark side of the force.

He did always inexplicably survive fights you’d think were beyond his ability. The evil bastard.

Christian Bale Will Return In Batman V Superman

What if Ben Affleck is not going to play Batman? What if he will actually play Deathstroke?

This idea has been fueled by the mysterious casting credits from Batman Begins where Liam Neeson was supposedly in the role of Henry Ducard, but actually played Ra’s Al Ghul.

Could a similar trick be on the cards? Hope springs eternal.

Everything In Breaking Bad Was Skyler’s Fault


This fan theory is belting because it is completely possible.

When she got stressed out Skyler was always quick to grab a crafty fag, but maybe her habit is what set the wheels into motion that set the White family’s lives spiraling downwards.

Makes sense. Walt, who didn’t smoke, gets lung cancer. Passively caused perhaps?

The same theory from a Reddit user called ‘426763’ also suggested that if she smoked during pregnancy she may have caused Walter Jr’s cerebral palsy.

I never did like Skyler.

Van Pelt Was Alan’s Dad In Jumanji

Movie Pilot

There are no points for spotting that Van Pelt and Alan’s dad in Jumanji were both played by
Jonathan Hyde, but it has been alleged that the link was far greater than a mere metaphor.

Naomi Jaye Readman proposed that Jumanji was actually a ‘cosmic realignment tool’ that is showing Alan what life will be like if he doesn’t learn to stand up for himself.

His dad, who died while Alan entered the game, supposedly entered too and became Van Pelt. It is only when Alan finally conquers his fears that the winning dice is cast and the world returns to ‘normal’, including Van Pelt’s demise and Sam Parrish’s restoration.

Cartman Loves Kyle

Comedy Central/YouTube

If you aren’t up to date with South Park then this will be a massive spoiler, so scroll frantically down now if you don’t want to read any more.

*You have been warned*

So Cartman does battle some feelings of homosexuality, but does he have feelings for Kyle?

That is why he resorts to petty name-calling and frequent abuse of Kyle. He is treating him mean to potentially make him keen. Standard playground tactics.

If you scroll back through previous episodes of the show it certainly adds up, what with sexually assaulting Butters and all. Stan even fantasises about Cartman and Mr. Jefferson, maybe he knew?

Friends Was Phoebe’s Fantasy

Warner Brothers

This theory sent the internet into a manic rage as Friends was basically destroyed by one brave fan.

It is essentially an alternative ending to the show, but it could be applied retrospectively regardless.

The idea is that all ten seasons of the show took place in Phoebe’s head. She would stare longingly into Central Perk, imagining herself hanging out with Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler as she was in fact a meth addict.

They even destroyed the opening credits suggesting that in front of the fountain on some old broken furniture was home for Phoebe.

It makes the list, but before anyone gets mad it is only a theory, you don’t need to accept it.

Jon Snow And Meera Reed Are Twins

HBO via Uproxx

Any glimmer of hope that Jon Snow is not really dead is always likely to be embraced, and this fan theory has presented that hope in spades.

This theory argues that following the battle at the Tower of Joy, Ned Stark and Howland Reed attempt to save Ned’s sister, Lyanna, from Rheagar Targaryen. They were the only men to survive and do find her, shortly after she gives birth to twins.

*Drum roll*

Those twins grow up to be Jon Snow and Meera Reed, raised by Ned and Howland respectively.

There is supporting evidence in the text too. They are the same age being a biggie, but there are also great similarities in appearance.

The Joker Was The Real Hero


Incredibly one Redditor conjured a theory in which the Heath Ledger’s villainous Joker was in fact the hero that Gotham needed.

Prior to his arrival on the scene Gotham was in a terrible state, Batman is doing what he can, Ra’s Al Ghul tried to wipe out the city, but neither solve the problem entirely.

Then up pops the Joker, demanding a better class of criminal, he reveals corrupt officials and takes numerous criminals off the street.

It is so crazy that it could just about be true when you think about it. Maybe the Joker was the Dark Knight?

Sully Met A Tragic End Following Monsters Inc

Partysaurus Rex

Probably the most tragic observation from a film fan on the list.

During Monsters Inc Sully is warned by Randall that when humans catch monsters they skin them and then use the pelt to decorate toilet seats.

The above image was taken from Pixar’s Partysaurus Rex. Sully is either popping up through toilets instead of doors, or he is dead.

I need to lie down.