‘Terminator’ Boy Gets Ran Over By Van, Barely Notices It


This is the terrifying moment a toddler was captured on CCTV being crushed by a minivan in China. 

The clip, which was shot in Nanching City, shows 4-year-old Xuan trying desperately to run away from the vehicle before it plows over him, crushing his entire body underneath the wheels, reports the Mirror.

In the harrowing footage, both front and back wheels of the van seem to go over the 4-year-old. However, in a move not too far from a miracle, the little guy gets straight back up as if absolutely nothing has happened and begins to waddle away, seemingly unscathed.

Child-run-over-by-van-and-walks-awayYouTube / RT

According to the Shanghaiist, the boy received just one minor injury to his head.

The driver of the minivan has since argued that he did not see Xuan because the boy was in his blindspot.

Police are currently pursuing an investigation into the incident.