‘Terminator Guy’ Somehow Gets Up To Confront Driver After Horrific Crash

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 16 Aug 2018 09:32
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There are close calls on the road, there are crashes, and then there’s this guy.

Firstly, you know he’s hard because he’s riding his motorbike bare-chested. If that doesn’t scream macho I don’t know what does?

Getting in a crash like this though, is not macho, not cool and not really good in any way, shape or form, for anyone involved.


Amazingly, by some miracle, after the motorbike – which is actually carrying two bare-chested dudes – crashes head on into an oncoming car, and the men are flipped and thrown high into the air, the two guys seem ok for what could’ve been a horrendous crash.

Check it out:

The muscular driver, dubbed ‘The Terminator’, somehow manages to get back on his feet – almost straight away – after he executed a double front-flip over the car.


A CCTV camera recorded the incident, which somehow, ended with the two still alive on Persikovaya Street in the city of Vynohradiv, in north-western Ukraine’s Zakarpattia Oblast region.

The men are in, what appear to be, swimming trunks – probably all they could find after travelling through time to find Sarah Connor.

After speeding down the road, the black car (presumably driven by John Connor) casually veers across the road to turn off before the motorbike slams head on into it.


After the bike rammed into the car, the driver and the passenger were thrown into the air, spiralling over the roof of the car.

The man, who was thrown highest and span the most, appeared to land on his head, managing to get up right after landing, while his pal (probably an older model of Terminator) is seen sitting on the ground, rubbing his leg.

And incredibly, the muscular driver stormed over to the car driver to confront him over the crash.

The collision happened just inches away from a pedestrian, who was standing on the side of the road. They narrowly avoided being included in the accident.


According to local newspaper Zakarpattya, the injured man was taken to a local hospital. At the time of writing, there’s no information about his current condition.

Although there’s obviously been some budget cuts to the new Terminator movie, the special effects are second to none.

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