Terrifying Footage Shows Bus Getting Blown Up By Molotov Cocktail In Paris



A terrifying new video has emerged of a group of extremists in Paris bringing a bus to a halt before smashing the windows in and throwing molotov cocktails inside – burning the bus to the ground. 

The shocking video was uploaded to Live Leak and the uploader claims that the footage was taken in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis, while also alleging that the attackers were Muslim and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they targeted the bus, reports the Daily Star.

Nobody was injured in the attack but it is rumoured that the extremists threatened to murder the driver before setting the bus alight.


According to La Parisien, the attack took place last Wednesday, however, the footage of the incident has only recently gone viral.

Local mayor, Didier Paillard, said:

This act of premeditated vandalism could have been tragic.

It follows an attempted homicide on a worker by a Molotov cocktail on July 22 and buildings being looted.

Many of the comments on the original video are arguing that the French Government is downplaying the incident and trying to prevent it from getting into the public eye.


In the aftermath of the fire attack, three water cannons were reportedly used by firefighters to put out the flames, but the damage was already done and the bus was completely destroyed.

An investigation is currently underway.