Terrifying Footage Shows Moment Great White Breaks Into Diving Cage



A diver has captured chilling footage of the terrifying moment a great white shark broke into the diving cage – cutting off the air supply. 

The footage – posted to YouTube by Craig Capehart – shows the 15ft shark charge towards the cage containing four divers jaws-first off the coast of Mexico reports The Sun.

The shark smashed through the cage, trapping itself on top of the divers, cutting off their air supply in the process, leaving the group gasping for air as it thrashed around.

One of the divers, Katie Yonker, described the horrifying incident:

The first minute or so felt like a horrific earthquake underwater, and I kept thinking: “We just need to wait this out.”

But in the back of my head I feared the cage would break apart and this would be the end for me.

The shark swam vertically into the cage, trapping three of the divers beneath it as it thrashed about trying to free itself.

shark2Craig Capehart/YouTube

Katie said:

It was nearly impossible to see anything because the shark was blocking much of the exit and visibility was limited by all the air bubbles and blood from the bait.

The crew eventually freed the shark by tying rope to its tail and pulling it out of the cage.

shark8Craig Capehart/YouTube

Katie added: 

To be clear, this was in no way a shark attack. It was a shark enticed by the scent of tuna, not humans.

Still, it probably would’ve gone for a nibble of delicious human once it was in there…