Terrifying Footage Shows ‘New Type Of Bomb’ Being Used By Putin


In the late hours of yesterday evening, as most of us were getting merry in the pubs and bars and clubs of this country, Russia dished out one of its fiercest attacks on Syria in recent times.

Using a new type of bomb, which is visibly catastrophic, the Syrian ally obliterated a series of rebel-held positions in the towns of Souran, Taibat Al-Imam, Halfaya and Lataminah, according to the pro-Assad Almarsdar News.

Apparently, the regime bombings were carried out by five Russian warplanes and two helicopters who repeatedly bombed the rebels before flying back and doing it all over again with mere seconds in between.

Watch the footage here:

It is claimed that around 50 raids were made yesterday in what is claimed to be a retaliation attack due to a supposed massacre of 75 Shi’ite civilians who were being evacuated from Fuah in northern Syria.


That attack was reportedly carried out by an unknown rebel group – but at the minute everything is merely speculation.

In the past Russia has been condemned for its teamwork with Assad as their aim was to wipe out ISIS – while they spent quite a lot of time wiping out Assad’s enemies, who were also fighting ISIS.