Terrifying Footage Shows ‘Possessed’ Man In Hospital After Being Shot In The Face


Warning Graphic Content!


Frightening footage of a man who’d reportedly been shot in the face proclaiming his loyalty to Lucifer and acting like he’s possessed has emerged online. 

According to Russia Today the creepy video was filmed this Monday at Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital, a public hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

They report the man had suffered a bullet wound to his cheek and the eerie video shows his body contorted in pain as he wanders the hospital corridors screaming that he is working for Lucifer.

Check out the creepy footage here…


Just off camera a man can be heard chanting the Lord’s Prayer as he attempts to keep the ‘possesed man’ at bay.

Of course a far more likely excuse is that the man wasn’t communing with Satan but was instead under the influence of some sort of drugs.

Still, the sight of a man wandering a hospital with a mouth full of blood and moving like he’s recently met with Pazuzu is pretty frightening and many remain convinced he’s possessed.

Cifras Gospel wrote on Facebook:

Just as there is God, there is also the devil. Never doubt that, the good and the evil is there enough and people choose.

Let’s hope this man, possessed or otherwise got the help he needs.