Terrifying Moment Corpse Of Child Saint Opens Her Eyes


This is the creepy AF moment the corpse of a child saint appears to suddenly open her eyes. 

Tourists were visiting the preserved remains of Santa Inocencia (Saint Innocence) encased in glass in the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Jalisco in Mexico, when she decided to freak everyone out.

One visitor documented the whole thing on their camera, capturing the chilling moment she appears to open her eyelids.


What makes the footage, which wouldn’t look out of place in a horror movie, all the more terrifying is the fact that 300-year-old corpse has been wax-treated to preserve the body, essentially turning it into a statue. Nope, I’m out.

Many viewers have called it out as a fake, but those who are more religiously inclined believe it may be a ‘sign’. What that sign is, I have no fucking idea.

Legend has it that the girl wanted to take her First Communion with her fellow classmates, but her father blocked her from doing so.


However, the nuns in her school decided to include her in the ceremony, something which would make the whole tale end in tragedy.

Her dad eventually found out that she had did it behind her back and proceeded to stab her to death.

The local people than took her body and she was returned to the cathedral to lay her to rest- so she could be come a symbol of a girl’s deep love from Christ.

St Innocence

Whatever this was, you won’t see me going to visit this part of the world any time soon.