Terrifying Moment Fairground Ride Full Of People Collapses


The terrifying moment a fairground ride packed with children collapsed, crushing them underneath, has been broadcast on television.

The footage shows a popular fairground ride spinning its passengers round before the central iron cylinder snaps, causing the revellers to crash to the ground.

Watch the terrifying moment below:

Witnesses say they heard a loud bang and sparks flew as the incident occurred, reports the Daily Star. A nine-year-old child and eight adults were injured in the accident at the Liu Chengcun Wangya temple fair in China’s Xihe county on Thursday.


The victims sustained their injuries while trapped under the ride. One local was seriously injured and was rushed to the First People’s Hospital in Tianshui City. The remaining eight were taken to the Xingkang Hospital Observation.

One villager said:

Fortunately, it was not completely into its cycle, because if it was it would’ve been much higher up and more people would have been hurt.


Police are investigating the incident and the ride has been demolished.

This comes after the Daily Star Online reported almost 500 thrill-seekers claimed they have suffered injuries at theme parks and funfairs in the UK between 2014 and 2015.