Terrifying Moment Photographer Nearly Loses Head While Snapping Plane Landing

by : Tom Percival on : 09 Apr 2016 15:02

Photographers will take all sorts of risks to get the best shot they can, but this brave shutterbug was willing to wager his life just to get ahead. 

The adrenaline junkie photographer was snapping pics of planes landing at the Gustaf III Airport runway, on the Caribbean island of St Barts,  when a small plane skims the top of his head as it comes in for a landing, AOLtravel reports.


The plane comes so close to the photographer’s head he was at serious risk of being decapitated, which would leave most rational people terrified.

giphy (2)giphy (2)

However a witness to the near fatal accident claims that the man wasn’t at all shocked by his close call, saying the tourist just said, ‘It hit my hand, it hit my hand’ adding, ‘at [the] time I think he doesn’t realise that he is a lucky man’.

Gustaf III Airport has one of the most dangerous runways in the world and reportedly isn’t long enough for large passenger planes, meaning pilots need special training to even attempt a landing.


Maybe the photographers could do with special training as well…

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    Plane grazes tourist's hand as he takes photo at St Barts airport