Terrifying Moment Pride Of Lions Fight Over Impala Carcass Under Family’s Car


WARNING: Graphic content


The most important rule of going on safari is: Don’t get between a lion and its dinner.

Apparently this family didn’t get the memo and got a little too close to a pride of hungry lions feeding on the grisly carcass of a dead impala.

Amid the savage feeding frenzy, filmed by Jade Von Holdt and published to Capture the Wild, more than ten lions can be seen dining out on the meaty remains.


Making pretty light work of their food, the fully grown pride can be heard growling and grunting. At one point a lion cub makes a break for the carcass but is quickly put off by a fight which breaks out between two adult females.

Throughout the video, nervous laughter can be heard in the background amid squeals from the designated responsible adult present, who exclaims, ‘Roger, can you please get away?’


In the grisly scene, the impala’s lifeless face hangs between the jaws of the majestic but deadly lioness.

A few minutes after the initial frenzy, the cubs take their turn to feast right underneath the vehicle in which the group of observers sit and film the lion’s dinnertime.

A South African woman identified as Jade Van Holdt says desperately, ‘Please get them away’ to a unanimously unsympathetic response.

Although the ordeal might have been scary for some, they should count themselves lucky to witness a natural wonder of the animal kingdom.

You certainly wouldn’t get this kind of immersive experience at West Midland Safari Park.