Terrifying ‘Phantom Girl’ Caught On Camera In Plague Hospital



I’m not normally one to believe in ‘phantoms’ and ‘spirits’ caught on camera, but this one is spooky.

Teenagers in Costa Rica broke into the abandoned Sanatorio Duran hospital where they captured footage of the building – and something else.

The hospital, which was built in 1918 to treat ‘white plague’, or tuberculosis, patients, is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the Central America country, the Express reports.


And these teens may have just caught on film why it’s thought to be just that.

Walking around the building, the full footage shows them looking into different rooms. But the last, seemingly abandoned room they look into is what has made this video go viral.

Looking around, the room seems empty, until one of the teens flashes their torch against the wall, and what looks like a figure slowly standing up can be seen.


While stills from the footage don’t do the ‘phantom girl’ justice, the video definitely shows something moving around in the room.

People believe it to be the phantom of a small child who died in the hospital from tuberculosis – and the Internet is freaking out.

Others, however, are not so convinced.

Readers of the Daily Mail, in particular, seem to be quite skeptical about this ‘phantom girl’:

mail-1Daily Mail

While comments on the Daily Mail are skeptical, one commenter on the video said it’s not the first time the ‘phantom girl’ has been seen.

She said: “I went there and have not seen anything but I asked my grandmother and she said she saw a girl in the corridor.”

Apparently, the ghost of the little girl is one of its most famous inhabitants at the hospital, along with a group of nuns who are said to haunt the top floor.