Terrifying Video Shows What Happens Inside A Plane Crash

Crash_2593563aKurt ImpactSN

It’s every air traveller’s worst nightmare, but this lucky group of skydivers in the U.S. were all fortunate enough to walk away from a plane crash.

The group of men took off in a small Cessna plane, when a mate asked them to take him up for a jump. One of the divers was wearing a GoPro to film their dive but instead captured their dramatic ordeal.

However, after taking off, a warning alarm began to ring alerting the pilot to serious engine problems.

The video shows the plane  quickly falling towards the ground before it lands with a bang in a muddy field, with one of the passengers seen grabbing desperately to a side panel.

Seconds later, the camera shakes out of control as the landing gear is ripped off by the impact, flipping the plane upside down.

Thankfully, the pilot and the planes passengers were not seriously injured.

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One of the skydiving survivors posted the video on YouTube, writing: “Pilot did a good job handling a bad situation once we found ourselves in it.

“Thank God the plane did not catch fire after flipping over. Everyone survived with relatively minor injuries.”